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Urban Fabrics aims to be a market leader in both upholstery and curtaining fabrics. With our finger on the pulse, we aim to deliver new, current ranges in line with international trends. We strive to be price competitive and to always offer our best customer service!Philip Pikus:

The Philip Pikus brand is all about quality and understated luxury. Furthermore it’s a brand with a powerful ethos, deeply entrenched in a philosophy of responsibility, awareness & sustainability… we’re all about designing with a conscience.

The CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS range and our new outdoor collection COASTAL is proudly made in South Africa!


Philip Pikus – Creative Director

Celebrated South African designer Philip Pikus’ design journey has come full circle.

At the tender age of 19 Philip started his interior design business whilst studying interior design at the Greenside Design Centre in Johannesburg.

Years later, after a long and successful stint in the States, Europe and the Middle East, he found himself in fashion and established the award-winning fashion brand ‘Bitter Chocolate’ in Cape Town.

A few years ago Philip moved back into interiors and brought 25 years of design experience into the development of the Philip Pikus brand and now Urban Fabrics

Philip’s extensive experience in both fashion and interior design, have provided him with a sound understanding of the design process, as well as the technical insight, essential to creating a fabric collection. His refined eye for both colour and texture, combined with his love of natural fibres is strongly evident.

When not entrenched in the design industry, Philip’s dogs are his world. As a fierce advocate of animal rights, his ever-growing pack of rescue dogs is evidence of his passion for this cause. Philip’s empathy doesn’t stop here; he’s also a campaigner for green issues and against human injustices.

Philip believes we should be asking important questions about our purchases and the impact they have on our world. Does it empower and uplift people and communities? Does it care for the environment? Is there compassion for animals? An enduring sense of integrity and moral conscience are crucial to asking the right questions when making informed purchase decisions.

“Knowledge is a very powerful thing and an informed consumer is able to make decisions that have a huge impact on our world’, says Philip.

​Vera McKenzie – ​Sales Director
Vera has been in the trade for 40 years and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in her role as Sale Director for Urban Fabrics nationwide.